Sci Solutions ltd

Sci Solutions Ltd are the world’s leader in biodegradable cable ties.  We have revolutionised the manufacturing technique of creating plastic cable ties.  This allows us to be in the enviable position of being the world’s only company that can produce a cable tie that not only comes on a roll but can also incorporate biodegradable and recycled materials.  With innovation and design we will be the world leader in our field.  We can use many different biodegradable and bio plastics that degrade in different ways, triggers include: UV light, oil, water and oxygen that can be programmed to degrade to suit your needs.  We can also incorporate microbial bio plastics.  These have the same properties of standard nylon cable ties until they are buried in soil.  The microbes that live in the soil will then break them down in only a few months. 

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World's first biodegradable cable tie
Here are some of the forward thinking global companies who are actively seeking to find environmentally friendly products:


Be part of the biodegradable cable tie revolution and help stop 70 billion cable ties going to landfill!